Gray whale calf jumping on mother Playing leapfrog
Serengeti Park, Tanzania 360°
Galapagos Fur seal Love you too
Galapagos Feel comfortable ?
Galapagos fur seal Extra pillow
Arusha Park Mirror
Pelicans, Galapagos Throat infection ?
Pelicans flying above cortez sea, isla islotes, baja california One way, or another
Serengeti, tanzania Keep going...
Frigate bird and young, isla islotes, baja california Listen to me son
Galapagos fur seal Sunbath
Serengeti Park, Tanzania You look tasty
Monarch butterfly, Michoacan, Mexico Lunch time
Lilac-breasted roller, Serengeti, Tanzania I like Pink
Leopard, Serengeti, Tanzania Get outta my way
Colibri, La Paz, Baja Tanker aircraft
Nose of a very close calf in laguna San Igancio, Baja California Nose to nose
Elephant, Manyara Park, tanzania Anti wrinkle
Arusha Park, Tanzania The map
Monarch butterflies, el rosario santuario, michoacan, mexico First of rope
Ngorongoro Park, Tanzania Cheetah
Frigate bidd, Galapagos It's a peninsula !
Serengeti, tanzania Buffalo
Rhinoceros and egret, Ngorongoro Park, Tanzania Don't disturb
Manyara Park, Tanzania Hippopotamus
Sanderlings flying in Laguna San Ignacio, Baja California Sanderlings flying
Leopard sleeping under an umbrella in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania Diner is ready
Serengeti, Tanzania Superb starling
Elephant, Manyara Park, Tanzania Need a diet ?
Baboon, Serengeti Park, Tanzania Talking to me ?
Speke's weaver, Ngorongoro, Tanzania Upside down
Sea lions, La Paz, Baja California After the bath
Serengeti, tanzania Giraffe head
Yellow-billed stork, Manyara Park, Tanzania Couldn't find smaller
Cheetah,Seregenti Park, Tanzania That's funny !
Bunches of Monarch butterflies
Ngorongoro Park, Tanzania Lion snout
Galapagos fur seal Mustache
Serengeti, Tanzania Lovebird
Gray whale calf surfacing in laguna san ignacio, baja california Big brother is watching you
Ngorongoro, Tanzania Jackals and pink flamingos
Serengeti, Tanzania Dung beetle
Frigate birds fighting
Serengeti Park, Tanzania Day off
Serengeti, Tanzania Euplecte
Calf looking for human contact
Laguna San Ignacio, Baja California Friendly Gray whale
Serengeti, tanzania Turtle
Galapagos land iguana
Ngorongoro, Tanzania Mud bath
Pelican diving into Cortez sea, isla islotes Free fall
Laguna san Ignacio, Baja California Tail of Gray Whale
Serengeti, Tanzania Tree climbing
Serengeti Park, Tanzania Lion
Ngorongoro Park, Tanzania Antelope, gnu and hyena
Serengeti Park, Tanzania Ostrich
monarch butterflies, michoacan, mexico Butterflies, not leaves
Serengeti, Tanzania Gnus migration
Arusha Park, Tanzania Mantled Guereza
Gray whales mating in Lagna San Ignacio, Baja California No, it's not a tongue...
Ngorongoro, tanzania Zebras
The last drop
Serengeti, tanzania Peace
Monarch butterflies
Gray whale in laguna San Ignacio, Baja California Submarine, Alaskan fleet
Coyote lying on beach 
Laguna San Ignacio, Baja California Coyote
Galapagos fur seals lying on rocks
pelican diving, sea lions, los islotes, baja california Move away from here !
Serengeti, Tanzania Lion
Serengeti park, Tanzania Cheetah
Gray whale, laguna san ignacio, baja california Hide-and-seek
Monarch butterflies, Michoacan, Mexico Freelance
Manyara, Tanzania Yellow-billed stork
Frigate birds
Pelicans going back home after fishing, laguna san ignacio, baja california Time to go home
Manyara, Tanzania Guinea fowl
Gray whale spyhopping
Galapagos fur seal
Manyara, tanzania Southern Ground Hornbill
Manyara, Park, Tanzania Impala
Monarch butterflies drinking
Serengeti, tanzania Hyena, antelope and gnus
Vulture on cactus
Hippopotamus, Serengeti Park, tanzania Any cavity ?
American white Ibis
Birds on beach
Gray whale, laguna san ignacio, baja california Close enough ?
Monarch butterflies
Seaweed on gray whale calf
Baby Galapagos fur seal
ibis, laguna san ignacio, baja california Need rubber-boots ?
Birds on beach
Gray whale, laguna san igancio, baja california My first parasite
Serengeti, tanzania Grey heron
Serengeti Park, Tanzania Rock Hyrax
Serengeti, Tanzania Burchell's Glossy-starling
Serengeti, Tanzania
Notice the animal in the beak and water falling Pied avocet
Serengeti, Tanzania Silverbird
Serengeti, tanzania Giraffes
Not my shadow...
gray whales, san ignacio, baja california 3 whales
frigate birds, baja california Members only
Monarch butterflies, Michoacan, Mexico Keep your right
Osprey and fish, laguna san ignacio, baja california Seafood tonight
Serengeti Park, Tanzania Impala
Serengeti, Tanzania Gnu migration
Gray whale breaching
Serengeti Park, Tanzania Lilac-breasted roller
Pelican diving, isla islotes, baja california Stuka
Serengeti, Tanzania Hippopotamus
Pelican, baja california My beak is bigger
Manyara Park, Tanzania Kirk's dik dik
Serengeti Park, Tanzania Hyena and gnus
Ngorongoro, tanzania Trumpeter Hornbill
Barnacles on gray whale
Serengeti Park, Tanzania Zebra
Pelicans, La Paz, Baja California Fighter squadron
Manyara Park, Tanzania Baboons
Manyara Park, Tanzania Elephant skin
Frigate bird What's wrong downstairs ?
Ngorongoro, Tanzania Crowned crane
Serengeti, Tanzania Zebra
Serengeti Park, Tanzania Giraffe
Serengeti Park, Tanzania Stretching
Manyara, Tanzania Front view
Manyara park, Tanzania Rear view
Serengeti Park, Tanzania Red-and-yellow Barbet
Ngorongoro, Tanzania Lion
Sea lions, los islotes, baja california Talking to me ?
Serengeti Park, Tanzania Ostrich
Sanderlings eating
Vulture, La Paz, Baja California Any carcass around here ?
Arusha, Tanzania Baboons
gray whales, laguna san ignacio, baja california Crowded laguna
osprey, san ignacio, baja california Dont't touch my eggs
Sea lion, La Paz, California These are MY crabs
Serengeti, Tanzania Eagle
Pelican, la Paz, Baja California Calm weather